John Paul Davis

My name is John Paul Davis. I write poetry, build things on the web with code, make music and visual art. I love making things. This website is mostly about the things I make and do.


  1. Small Magic

    I'm writing one poem a day for 2021 and posting them to Substack.

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    The phrase “small magic” comes from my friend Dan Knauss, in an letter he wrote in which he described the options for making change available to most of us. The phrase stuck to me, showed up in a poem, and keeps pacing around inside me. A poem a day feels like small magic.

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  2. New Music and Poetry for early 2021

    Today will be the first really warm day of spring, and therefore of this year. My morning walk through Fort Tryon Par... Read more

  3. Sweet Sixteen

    I designed and built the previous version of this site, its fifteenth, in early 2017. At the time, my book of poems, ... Read more

  4. "Headphones" published in Another Chicago Magazine

    My poem "Headphones" was published in Another Chicago Magazine.

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  5. New poem in Rattle's "Poets Respond"

    Read "Elexxxion" here. If you're coming from Rattle's site, consider joining my mailing list.

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  6. "Selfie" published in Salamander 46

    My poem "Selfie" was published in issue 46 of Salamander.

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