John Paul Davis


I’ve been coding for the web for over 20 years. I’m well-versed in HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP & can work with a half-dozen other backend languages (ASP, Java, Ruby to name a few). Here are just a few examples.

SapientRazorfish company page

cover of SapientRazorfish company page

Skills: Gulp, Webpack, ES6 w/Babel, SASS, Hippo CMS, lead agile development team of 5 devs

Front-end architect and team lead for reboot of SapientRazorfish's company page, which the company used from 2016-2020.

cover of

Skills: Built on SiteCore CMS, with Grunt, jQuery, Compass, lead agile develoment team of 3 devs

Site for UN Women initiative HeForShe that's part brochureware, part publishing platform.

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Spotify Sweet Spot

cover of Spotify Sweet Spot

Skills: HTML, CSS, Angular.js, CSS gradients

Mini-site for Spotify that takes two artist names and creates a playlist that "bridges" the two stylistically based on the "people who liked this" data. Built in Angular.js, with SASS/Bourbon for CSS. The site ran from 2014-2016.

Mahira Kakkar actor website

cover of Mahira Kakkar actor website

Skills: HTML, CSS, PHP, WordPress, design, art direction

WordPress-based responsive site for actor Mahira Kakkar. Client can add blog entries, shows, new videos for video reel via WordPress using modified WP Admin screens customized to each task. I also did the art direction & design for this site.

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