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Climbing Mountains Across The Shoreline Of Your Thought

cover of Climbing Mountains Across The Shoreline Of Your Thought

I was a songwriter, session musician and producer on Climbing Mountains Across The Shoreline Of Your Thought, Dayton singer-songwriter Eric Leonhardt Brown's third solo album. Eric approached me with the idea of collaborating long-distance in January of 2017. I composed basic tracks in Ableton Live and Logic which I would send to him. He'd respond by sending back demos with vocals and lyrics. Eric also composed some of his own material and asked my for lyrics ideas and help. In total I wrote music and/or lyrics for over half the album's 35 songs. Once the writing was complete, I went with Eric into the studio and worked with the session musicians. I also acted as art director and graphic designer on the album. You can see the digital booklet here.

Crown Prince Of Rabbits

cover of Crown Prince Of Rabbits

What began as a writing aid prescribed by the poet and musician Shira E ended up becoming its own project. In 2015, as part of a writing course taught by Shira, I began composing music using GarageBand, other free software and some borrowed instruments. Eventually I conceived the idea of composing original music for every poem in the book, and releasing a standalone album. I spent the next year recording and composing at home, using found objects, traditional instruments, is software programming skills, and purchased software like Ableton Live and Logic to create the unique, experimental music to which I read every poem in the collection.