John Paul Davis


Written during the COVID-19 pandemic and recorded once New York City's lockdown had ended, Inside Voices is a window into both the anxieties of modern love against the backdrop of overlapping crises and the deep domesticity of sharing a small New York City apartment with one's romantic partner. A product of this strange era, Inside Voices nonetheless touches on timeless themes of love despite difficult days and facing the kinds of fears that every couple faces in a long-term romance. Inspired by such artists as Peter Gabriel, Talking Heads, Wye Oak, and Helado Negro, and composed on analog and digital synthesizers by songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist/poet John Paul Davis, Inside Voices features a wide cast of collaborators adding guitar, bass, saxophone, piano and human voice. Fleshing out what began as experiments in ambient and generative music into a fusion of alternative, electronic and indie rock Inside Voices captures the intimacy, anxiety and joy of a romance in its middle age without succumbing to despair or claustrophobia. Indeed, what makes Inside Voices refreshing is the hope at the heart of the songs; in spite of a weird outside world getting weirder, wracked by political turmoil and climate crises, the eyes of these songs are on a future that is not set, but open to surprise, to possibility, to not just the danger, but also the delight. Learn more at Day Of The Mountain's official website.

"Distances" - the new album by Love In The Ruins, is here! Written in 2019 and recorded during 2020, the album examines the many kinds of distances in our lives while further evolving the band's energetic, layered indie-pop sound. For more in-depth info, visit the Love In The Ruins website.

Thie debut album from the band I co-founded in 2018, Love In the Ruins. For more in-depth info, visit the Love In The Ruins website.

My son likes to listen to chill, funky instrumental music while studying or playing video games, so I made him a set of "moods" to listen to. Not songs so much as emotional spaces, quantum musical states. Music that can drift in from another room. Music that is like plants, seemingly simple but hiding complexity, bigger on the inside than on the outside.

Climbing Mountains Across The Shoreline Of Your Thought

cover of Climbing Mountains Across The Shoreline Of Your Thought

I was a songwriter, session musician and producer on Climbing Mountains Across The Shoreline Of Your Thought, Dayton singer-songwriter Eric Leonhardt Brown's third solo album. Eric approached me with the idea of collaborating long-distance in January of 2017. I composed basic tracks in Ableton Live and Logic which I would send to him. He'd respond by sending back demos with vocals and lyrics. Eric also composed some of his own material and asked my for lyrics ideas and help. In total I wrote music and/or lyrics for over half the album's 35 songs. Once the writing was complete, I went with Eric into the studio and worked with the session musicians. I also acted as art director and graphic designer on the album. You can see the digital booklet here.