John Paul Davis


  1. Owed To An Outdoor Music Festival

    About 2 weeks ago I was asked by one of my favorite bands, Over The Rhine, to compose a poem to inaugurate this year's Nowhere Else Festival, and then to read it to open the festival. I flew down to southwestern Ohio, to the farm where Over The Rhine live and host the festival, and spent the Labor Day weekend at an event that was definitely a music festival but also a kind of family reunion and kind of a portal to a world that seemed realer than "the real world." if you're curious about the poem, a friend was kind enough to video and send it to me, so you can watch it here:

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  2. "Headphones" published in Another Chicago Magazine

    My poem "Headphones" was published in Another Chicago Magazine.

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  3. New poem in Rattle's "Poets Respond"

    Read "Elexxxion" here. If you're coming from Rattle's site, consider joining my mailing list.

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  4. "Selfie" published in Salamander 46

    My poem "Selfie" was published in issue 46 of Salamander.

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  5. 3 Poems Published in COG

    My poems "Emergency," "Stain" and "Smartphone" have been published in the Fall 2017 issue of COG.

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  6. Feelings As A Kind Of Data

    My first solo album is out now. Read more about it here.

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  7. 2 Poems published in No, Dear

    My poems "Merger" and "Idle" appear in Issue 20 of No, Dear. You can read them here.

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  8. 2 Poems Published in Apricity Press's latest issue

    My poems "Self" and "Sound" appear in Apricity Press's latest issue.

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  9. Brand new site!

    You're looking at the freshly-coded, just-launched, fifteenth version of 2017 marks 20 ye... Read more